Board of Directors

Gregory K. Alex (Ex Officio)

John Costello (Emeritus)

Michael McHugh (Emeritus)

Liam Bayly (Emeritus)

Amy Curran (Co-Board Chair)

Brendan Curran (Board Chair)

Charles Nay

Darrell Powell

Demitri Pallis

Dennis Morrissette

Ken Requa

Michael McBride

Norman Shaffer

Stephanie Osborn

Tim McGarry



Gregory K. Alex

Executive Director and Co-Founder

Terrence Lewis


Dr. Philip Sims

Clinical Supervisor

Jungwon Yoon

Clinical Manager

Kara Goss

Development Manager

Tyra Elliott

Administrative Manager

Bridgette Young

Case Manager

Garnell Davis

Case Manager

Emily Eaton

Co-Occurring Clinician

Peter Moote

Case Manager