Our Story

Established in 1985, the Matt Talbot Center is a Washington State licensed addiction treatment program serving people experiencing homelessness. Located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, the Matt Talbot Center offers hope, services, and support to individuals ready to commit to change. In addition to other services, we provide an intensive outpatient clinical treatment program within an optional Christian context for adult men and women. All of our programs are provided free of charge to our members. Founded by Thomas Zurcher and Executive Director Gregory K. Alex, MA, CDC, our recovery and relapse prevention program addresses the physiology, psychology, and sociology of addiction.

Our mission is to help restore participants to healthy lives, and to encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and family obligations. Our dedicated, professional staff treats adult “members” holistically, recognizing that each of them has individual needs for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. We provide personal care and a ministry of presence to our members.

The Matt Talbot Center’s fundamental strategy is restoration of lives through sustained and supported change. Years of experience have taught us that when a person wants to recover,  they need a clean and sober environment. At the Matt Talbot Center we provide that environment. We ask our members to make a commitment – to change, to take responsibility for their own lives and individual recovery process, to actively participate in all aspects of the program, and to display a spirit of cooperation.

The programs of the Matt Talbot Center are funded entirely by donations from individuals, businesses, private foundations, grants, and trusts. To learn how you can help support the Matt Talbot Center programs, click here.