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For This Moment

“Evil prevails because good people say nothing.” (Silence is not an option)

When one of us is diminished we are all diminished.   When one of us is injured, we are all injured.

And when one of us is brutally murdered… Something dies in each of us.

The cost of what demands our attention, the death of George Floyd, demands that we become stronger.

The cost of what commands our compassion, the life of George Floyd, commands us to become wiser.

The cost of what illuminates this moment, George Floyd’s tragic unjust death, requires us to be better.

“The Lord God…breathed into his nostrils the breath of life & the man became a living being.” (Gen2:7)

Life matters to our Creator…Black lives matter to our Creator…All lives matter to our Creator…

George Floyd’s life matters to our Lord…and must matter to us all!

We are compelled to be steadfast today,

To walk with one another,

And agree to not let evil prevail,

But to claim God’s gift, “abundant life”, for all.

We must continue to pray together.

We must continue to believe together.

We must continue to serve and support one another together.

That is what God expects.

Otherwise George Floyd’s life does not matter.

And if George Floyd’s life does not matter,

Then all lives don’t matter.   

Jesus of Nazareth said, “I came that you might have LIFE… and have it more abundantly.”                                                                                                     

Gregory K. Alex, Executive Director


Response to COVID-19

We have expanded and evolved our services to meet the needs of the community while keeping our members and staff safe and healthy in these unprecedented times. We have worked with our members' housing providers to ensure that they're able to stay in their housing during the day and are conducting one on one counseling and case management sessions by video or phone conferencing for the majority of our members.

There are some program members receiving in-person one on one counseling and case management sessions at the Center as part of crisis prevention and intervention treatment. This is for members who feel they need the extra support to stay on track who are not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19. We have forehead thermometers and have implemented additional hygiene and protection measures at the Center and other sites.

We continue to provide lunches for our members during the week and have partnered with community members to provide hygiene supplies and additional meals to our members and other folks in local shelters. Thank you to everyone who has dropped off meals or donated groceries, gift cards, or cash to support our meal program.

We continue to provide assessment and enrollment forms to those who inquire about them. New members can be immediately enrolled into our program for one on one counseling and case management sessions conducted by video conferencing or phone calls.

We're working to support the people we serve in every way we can and are extremely fortunate that we were able to test our staff and members for COVID-19 recently and every single test came back negative. We are beyond grateful for the many ways each of you continue to support MTC and folks experiencing need in our community. We will be keeping all of you in our thoughts and are looking forward to a time when we can come together in person again!


Our Mission

The Matt Talbot Center provides a shared path for individuals desiring to change their lives by becoming clean and sober in a way that addresses housing, health and other basic needs, and vocational goals while providing spiritual ministry to those who seek it. Our mission is to empower our program members to remain engaged in their recoveries, take responsibility for their actions and family obligations, and move toward the futures they want for themselves. The Matt Talbot Center exists to meet the needs in spirit, mind, and body of those that come seeking assistance. MTC is a nonprofit outpatient program and no one is turned away due to an inability to pay.


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